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This little patch of heaven has seen a major makeover, with a brand new trail, a fun playground, a disc golf course, and a whole bunch of other exciting community activities. This place is buzzing with good vibes, and it's all thanks to the board's vision to create a space that everyone can enjoy.


But wait, there's more! The next mission is to demolish the old school building, clearing the way for even more community goodness. The board's determined to give the community centre the ultimate glow-up by revamping the community center's floors. Your donations are what will make this happen!

Check out our fundraising campaign here:


Wynndel Nature Trail (2019):

The trail is located behind the hall, down to the creek and up beside the neighbouring church.  An existing short trail was revitalized including brush and unsafe tree clearing, new boardwalk installation and wheelchair accessibility to the creek.  A new trail up from the creek to the church was built and covered with woodchips.  Over 225 hours of volunteer time created this relaxing trail.

Wynndel Community Sign-4.jpg

Playground (2021):

The playground project is evidence of what dedicated community members can do for the benefit of their community.  Years in the making, this was a significant project from obtaining numerous grants to site planning to local businesses donating labour, equipment and other in-kind donations to make this vision a reality. We are incredibly grateful for the community members who volunteered their time throughout the entire week it took to install the playground equipment as well as to Rotary, who not only provided a grant but also a team to install the swings.

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 19.30.51.png

Disc Golf (2021):

The Wynndel Community Centre’s 9-basket disc golf course was created shortly after the playground installation.  Rindy Stalley donated his expertise designing the disc golf course and volunteers, including local businesses Robert Construction and Mitchell & Sun volunteered their labour to install the baskets and signage. The course is available to play free of charge or a small fee for exclusive use.

Community Centre Energy Enhancements and Outside Ramp Safety (2022-2023):

This multi-year project provided a number of upgrades to reduce energy costs and replace an existing ramp to the upper hall. Significant upgrades included installation of an HRV unit, PV solar array panel, motorized exhaust fan, upgraded LED lighting and programmable thermostats and a new, covered ramp to the upper hall. This extensive project was made possible through a Columbia Basin Trust grant.

Custom ramp railings were made possible through funding from:

Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 19.46.56.png
Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 20.00.30.png

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